Improved the radio communications equipment for the Lake Patrol. This equipment included six multi-channel portable radios, a repeater station to increase portable communications range, and a multi-channel base station at the Gull Point Lake Patrol Station. The multi-channel radios enhance communications with fire-rescue squads, ambulances, local police, sheriff’s officers, and state troupers in the lakes area and the Emergency Communications 911 Center in Spirit Lake.

Provided two portable radios with noise canceling headsets for the Ice Rescue Air Boat operated by the Arnolds Park – Okoboji Rescue Squad.

Purchased a desktop computer and wireless Internet access at the Gull Point Lake Patrol Station.

Purchased a professional noise meter, in partnership with three of the area’s lake protective associations, to measure motorboat noise levels for the enforcement of the Model Noise Act.

Purchased boating education manuals with boating information and the test necessary to achieve personal watercraft certification for person’s age 12 to 17 years of age.

Purchased PFD’s and float coats for the Lake Patrol and the Spirit Lake PWC Rescue Swimmer Team.

Purchased a boat hoist for the Lake Patrol.

Contributed $1,000 towards the purchase of the new Lakes Area Fire & Rescue Boat